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Fast & Reliable Pediatric Care for Your Sick Child

Sandy Springs and Woodstock

Just call one of our sick appointment lines and we will make sure you get an appointment with one of our providers. Our sick lines “open” at 7:30 AM with ample sick visits available every day because we  know kids get sick every day. If it’s something you’re not sure if you need to come in for, we have a dedicated clinical staff member who can help decide if your child needs to be seen. If your child is a patient of ours, you can call our office and be connected to our nurse line to get your questions answered.

Your Sick-Child Appointment

When you come in for a sick-child appointment, our professional medical team will sit down with you and discuss your concerns before conducting a thorough examination. Please provide as much information as you can about the symptoms your child has been experiencing, including their severity and duration. At the end of the sick-child visit, the provider will diagnose the condition and recommend a treatment plan. Depending on the diagnosis, you may leave with a prescription (we can e-prescribe if you desire), dosage instructions, and/or guidance for symptom relief. We have information in the form of pediatric handouts and can direct you to pediatric resources.

Making a Sick-Child Appointment

We ask that you always call ahead to make an appointment before bringing your sick child in to Northside Pediatrics. This will prevent long waits for your family needing to be worked into our schedule versus you having a dedicated appointment time and shorter wait. Each day we have a large number of dedicated appointment time and shorter wait. Each day we have a large number of dedicated “sick appointments” available in both our convenient Sandy Springs and Woodstock locations, so we can get your child in and out and on the road to recovery as quickly as possible! See below for our exciting WAM clinic option for early walk in appointments on Monday mornings.

WAM Clinic

A recent new addition for sick appointments of our established patients that just can’t wait is our WAM clinic. Walk in Acute Care Mondays are a walk in clinic for mild acute sick illnesses from 7:30 – 8:30 am every Monday (except for federal holidays). First come, first served with your favorite providers. No appointments needed. These early walk in appointments provide an excellent alternative to long times waiting or high co-payments on the weekends at ER’s or Urgent Cares, or seeing providers that don’t know your children or mainly see adults at Minute Clinics or adult Urgent Cares.

Sick Children Appointment Lines

Sandy Springs: (404) 256-0447

Woodstock: (770) 592-6719

  • Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 8:30am and noon – 1:30 pm
  • Saturdays Mornings by Appointment Only
  • Walk-in AM Clinic open on Monday mornings, 7:30am – 8:30am

Remember that there is an additional $20 emergency charge for Saturday morning appointments, which your insurance provider may or may not cover.

Please Contact our Sandy Springs or Woodstock

Offices Today!