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Scheduling Yearly Checkups for Your Children

As proud members of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Georgia Chapter, Northside Pediatrics follows the recommended guidelines for annual exams and schedule of tests, checkups, developmental milestones, and vaccinations. This means parents with newborns will make frequent visits to our office from birth to about the age of two years old, and then decrease in frequency until your child only needs a yearly checkup, after 3 years of age. Keeping up with wellness exams are important to form from even a young age, because annual checkups help keep kids *and* adults healthy!

Give our Sandy Springs or Woodstock office a call to schedule an appointment for all of the children in your family, and we’ll help you plan out a regular appointment schedule that meets your kids’ needs.

Infant Care and Development

Babies require checkups more than once a year to ensure their fast growth and rapid mental and physical development is healthy and on-track. Starting with an appointment the day after discharge from the hospital, visits happen every two to three months for the first two years of their life.

Visit the newborn infant care page to learn more about just what is involved in checkups for new babies.

Well-Child Exams

Even if your child is healthy and active, yearly checkups play a critical role in preventative healthcare. Northside Pediatrics believes proactively approaching healthcare is the best way to prevent problems altogether or identify and treat conditions early, when the solution can be non-invasive and highly effective. In addition to a physical checkup, this is also an opportunity to address any concerns you have as a parent.

The well-child care page explains our preventative care checkups in more depth, while our blog contains helpful articles and information authored by our partners.

Adolescent Care

Your teen can rely on Northside Pediatrics to offer the care they need to participate and succeed in school mentally and physically. We can provide school physicals for school, sports, or summer activities, as well as discuss healthy eating and lifestyle choices, mental health strategies for managing stress, and more. This is the ideal time for your child to develop confidence around doctors and solidify healthy habits in life and in healthcare that they can carry with them into college and for the rest of their lives.

The adolescent care page covers the different needs of your young teenager, including mental health checkups that can manage stress and anxiety better.

Managing your Child’s Healthcare

As a parent, we know you have a lot on your plate. Northside Pediatrics makes healthcare as straightforward as possible, with appointment reminders that follow your child’s developmental needs, and online pay your bill feature for easy payment on the go, and access to the forms and policies you may need to reference from the comfort of home. Contact us today to get a new partner in your child’s healthcare management!

Schedule an annual exam at Northside Pediatrics.