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Vision and Hearing Exams in Sandy Springs

From infants to teens, children are growing and changing faster than most parents can keep up! This is especially true of developmental and physical development from a medical perspective, so it’s the reason we encourage parents to find a trusted pediatrician and keep regular appointments to monitor age-appropriate health and growth—starting with newborn infant care as early as two days old.

Northside Pediatrics has the specialized equipment to provide vision screening and hearing tests to children of all ages. School-aged kids often need these screenings on record at their local school. Sometimes, parents or kids might suspect abnormal hearing or vision problems, so they visit us to identify any potential issues and recommend solutions or specialized referrals. Contact us in Sandy Springs or Woodstock today to schedule an initial screening.

Vision Screening Exams

At school, most children and adults learn visually—from examples, displays, illustrations, videos, textbooks, and watching the kids and educators around them. Thus, testing, diagnosing, and correcting vision problems as early as possible can impact their educational or developmental success. Sometimes, a parent or teacher can recognize a vision problem, but often the problem has to be severe enough to interfere with the child’s ability to study and play. Northside Pediatrics can help before a vision problem becomes a problem with tests suitable for even children too young to read a traditional eye chart. For young children, a SPOT visual testing system measures eye function with just a quick test by taking a picture of their eyes and checking specific measurements for astigmatism, strabismus or refractive errors. Cool stuff!

Our screening exams will not only test ability to see objects near and far, but also look at the healthy function of the eye, checking for misalignment, unusual pupil reactions, and more.

Hearing Screening Exams

A hearing screening test is important for the same reasons our team tests vision in infants as young as newborns. The ability to learn language and socialize with other people is heavily dependent on hearing, and you may not notice a problem until it’s truly having a negative impact on your child’s lifestyle and development. About 1 to 3 out of every 1,000 babies is born with a hearing defect, and at Northside Pediatrics, we have the simple test available to check hearing in even infants. For our older kids, we also have the traditional headphone system, which is fun for kids and lets them give high fives to nurses when they hear the sounds at different frequencies which is required for both PreK and elementary school.

It’s important to note young children can develop hearing loss (usually due to infections) even after a normal hearing screen at birth which is why we periodically screen babies and kids for hearing at several of our checkups.

Contact our Sandy Springs office today to schedule a screening.