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Searching for a provider?

We host Meet & Greet sessions several times a month for expecting parents.

We also offer brief Get To Know You appointments (10 to 15 minutes) for families beyond the newborn/prenatal period who are looking for a new pediatrician or who have recently moved to the area.

Provider Meet & Greet Appointment

Prenatal appointments are held 2-3 times per month in both offices. Here are the dates:

Sandy Springs – 2/12, 2/18
Woodstock – 2/11, 2/20

Sandy Springs – 3/10, 3/19, 3/25
Woodstock – 3/3, 3/10, 3/26

Sandy Springs – 4/8, 4/23, 4/28
Woodstock – 4/8, 4/14, 4/23

Sandy Springs – 5/7, 5/13, 5/19
Woodstock – 5/6, 5/14, 5/19

At these appointments, one of our doctors or nurse practitioners discusses life with newborns, when to come in for appointments, our practice philosophies, why we fully support the AAP’s vaccine schedule, and what to do after hours if your newborn gets sick.

Get-To-Know-You Visit

Get To Know You visits are for parents who already have had kids and are looking for a new provider.

These 10-15 min quick visits scheduled with a doctor or nurse practitioner include a tour of our great offices, and a chance to meet your future provider before getting sick or having to come in for a well visit.

You get to hear about our hours (including weekend and Walk-In AM clinic on Mondays), practice philosophies, why we follow the AAP vaccine schedule fully, and we get to know you and your child! These visits are not for second opinions or for soliciting medical information.

Prenatal Tour Videos

Please Contact our Sandy Springs or Woodstock

or Offices Today!