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One of the Most Important Decisions You Can Make

Many new and expecting parents look to recommendations from family and friends when starting the search, but your selection should involve more than just following helpful suggestions. After all, your child will have at least a dozen check-up visits with their pediatrician before their third birthday, so you want to make sure you are comfortable with the answers you receive and the care that you get from everyone at your pediatrician’s office, from the front office to the doctors and nurse practitioners.  At Northside Pediatrics, we are committed to helping you find quality and professional care for your children, so take a look at these things to consider before choosing your pediatrician.

Insurance Coverage

First things first: If you are using insurance to cover medical expenses, then you need to make sure your potential pediatrician is accepted by your family health plan. Northside Pediatrics is on a vast majority of plans here in Atlanta so check our link to see if we are on yours.

Board Certifications & Professional Affiliations

It is important that your child receives the highest level of care, so a provider who is aligned with the best practices in pediatrics is essential. Northside Pediatrics follows the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the gold standard in comprehensive pediatric care. Our board-certified pediatricians, board-certified nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and licensed clinical staff are focused on your child’s overall health, providing effective preventive care and acting as your professional resource and trusted advocate for sick-child visits and after-hours care.


Working together is the best way to build positive relationships, especially when your children are involved. So, an effective pediatric office will provide access to a team of providers, including physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, lab technicians, clinical and office staff to ensure your child receives quality and professional care, timely appointments, and prompt attention for urgent medical needs. At Northside Pediatrics, we take this team approach one step further by focusing on establishing trustworthy relationships among provider, parent, and child.

Quality Time

Keeping to a schedule is certainly important, but having a provider spend the right amount of time with your child is even more critical. Our professional medical team will always take the time to sit down with you and address any concerns you have regarding your child. We understand the importance of fostering partnerships among families, healthcare professionals, and communities and how that corresponds with a child’s physical, social, and developmental health. We will never rush you out the door or brush off your concerns!

Privacy & Confidentiality

As children grow, they will begin to learn how to manage their own healthcare. They will need increasing levels of privacy with their provider during the “tween” and teenage years to discuss sensitive issues and have their questions answered. You’ll want a pediatric practice like Northside Pediatrics that has the right sensitivity as your child develops. Confidentiality is another important aspect of your child’s healthcare. Electronic records are the way of the future, so your provider should be moving in that direction for your convenience, privacy, and consistency of care.


Health needs don’t run according to a “business hours” schedule, so it’s very important to make sure convenient appointments are available to you when choosing a pediatrician. Also, check to see if your pediatrician offers Saturday appointments, dedicated sick-child appointments, or early walk-in hours. You can find all of this at Northside Pediatrics!

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