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Why do kids always seem to get sick when the pediatrician’s office is closed?

When your child is ill or injured and the doctor’s office is closed, it can be a tough call whether to seek care urgently. There is no question that a life-threatening emergency warrants a call to 911. Don’t try to take your child yourself – he needs expert care as quickly as possible, and that includes a lights and sirens ride to the emergency room. But if it’s not a life-threatening emergency, when and where should you go?

Call Your Pediatrician’s Office First

Most illnesses in kids do not require urgent evaluation and can be handled the next day in the pediatrician’s office. Your regular provider has access to all your child’s records, including previous illnesses, allergies, and immunizations. Your child will be most comfortable where he knows his caretakers, and you will, too! It is always a good idea to call our office first. The nurse advice line can help you decide if your child should be seen after hours and where you should go. If it isn’t necessary to take him urgently, you will also receive advice on home treatment, what to watch for, and when to see the doctor if things worsen or don’t improve as expected. Additionally, there is always a Northside Pediatrics provider on call if the nurse advice line is unable to help.

Pediatric Urgent Care

When it can’t wait for the office to open, we recommend taking your child to a pediatric urgent care facility or emergency room.  Adult centers and pharmacy-based clinics can sometimes be hit or miss – the provider may be great with kids or may not. Additionally, support services such as the laboratory and radiology department may not be prepared for little people. Children are not little adults and deserve to be cared for by someone with pediatric training and support. If you need care urgently, try Kids Time Pediatrics for more routine problems or Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent Care Centers for both routine and more complicated issues.

Send Your Child’s Records

Lastly, any time your child receives care outside of our office, make sure the facility sends us a record of the visit. It is important that we are aware of all your child’s health problems to provide the continuous,  high-quality care you and your children expect and deserve.