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Cold season is in full swing and despite your best efforts, your child has come down with the common cold. While there is no cure for the common cold, there are things you can do that can remedy the symptoms your child is facing.

Chicken Soup

The common remedy that many are familiar with is chicken soup. Contrary to popular belief, chicken soup does not cure the common cold. Chicken soup does however, have some properties that does provide some relief to cold symptoms. Chicken soup contains cysteine, a mucus-thinning amino acid that assist with relief from congestion.


Steam is another way to provide relief from congestion. You can use a cool mist humidifier to increase air moisture, or get steam from a hot shower. Both of these approaches can provide some relief.

Don’t Forget General Nutriton!

With all of the remedies out there, some may forget the basics. The key thing to remember when dealing with the common cold is to make sure that your child is getting plenty of food and liquids. Make sure your child stays hydrated and is replenishing what is lost from a fever.