After-Hours Care

After-Hours Care

Emergency Care

Emergency situations may include suspected poisoning, uncontrolled bleeding, seizures, severe respiratory difficulty, head injury with loss of consciousness or confusion, sudden lack of responsiveness, neck stiffness with rash or fever, or bluish coloring. For any of these issues, call 911 immediately.

Urgent Care

Urgent care needs may include persistent vomiting or diarrhea, continuing sharp or persistent pain, cuts that may require stitches, severe ear pain, sore throats, rashes with fever, or other uncontrolled or worsening symptoms.

We have a Walk-In AM Clinic open on Monday mornings from 7:30-8:30 a.m. for urgent care needs.

Outside of walk-in clinic hours, you may call either of our main office numbers for urgent care any time, day or night.

We partner with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to provide you with a nurse advice line for after-hours service. You can describe your child’s symptoms and gain professional advice right away on the next steps you should take. Should you have any urgent medical need for your child, one of our physicians is always on call.

We request that all general-care questions and non-urgent prescription refills wait for normal business hours.