Adolescent Care, Doctor treating an adolescent

Adolescent Care

We’re your long-term partner in raising healthy kids, caring for them through age 21. It is important for your child’s health and development that we structure appointments differently during the teenage years. We respect your teenager’s increasing need for privacy during this time.

We will speak with and examine your teenager privately, providing the opportunity to talk about issues your teenager would prefer to discuss only with a medical professional. We will inform your teenager that confidentiality will be maintained between the patient and doctor, unless we think there is a possibility of physical harm to someone. In that case, we will be obligated to inform a responsible person.

We will also use this growing relationship with your teenager to provide guidance on how to take responsibility for good health by making the right choices. We have found our approach to be highly effective and an important step in keeping your teenager both well informed and safe. We appreciate your understanding of this important change and will be happy to discuss it with you in more detail.

Regular Check-Ups

Remember that regular checkups during adolescence are essential. These visits ensure that your child is current on immunizations and prepared to participate fully in school, sports and camp. It’s also an opportunity for your teenager to address common adolescent concerns, such as acne, weight or eating problems, sleep issues, depression and mental health problems, sexuality, and substance use/abuse.

This stage of care is a critical component in your child’s maturation. As always, we’re available to help you as parents during this important period in any way that we can.