Pediatrician providing care for a child

Our Care

At Northside Pediatrics, we really love kids. They come first for us, and we believe the care we deliver is the best and most consistent in the area. We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines and will not compromise on quality. It’s a higher standard that many families in Atlanta are looking for.

Our care focuses on being comprehensive, personal, team-based, consistent, and supportive.

Comprehensive Care:

Our evaluations are thorough. We're always on the lookout for anything that could impact your child's long-term health and well being, and that determination can't always be made quickly. While we work very hard to use your time well and respect your busy schedule, we are committed to spending the time that is needed with your child.

Personal Care:

No two kids are exactly alike. From birth through age 21, our patients receive the individualized care they deserve. As children grow to adolescence, we create an environment that’s safe for them to talk to their physician about sensitive issues and begin to learn how to manage their own health as they grow into adulthood.

Team-based Care:

With Northside Pediatrics, you have access to our full team of expertly trained, compassionate physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, lab technicians, and office staff. You can choose a primary doctor for your child based on the right fit for you, but the entire team will support your child with consistent care. You always have access to the best treatment for both routine care and emergencies, with special same-day services for your children when they’re sick.

Consistent Care:

Our program of care is consistent across the practice and across the spectrum of your child’s development. We are closely aligned with the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines and recognize that there are no shortcuts to quality care. Through our significant investment in electronic medical records, we ensure the treatment approach is the same for a patient regardless of which physician your child sees or which of our convenient locations you visit.

Supportive Care:

You and your family will never have to face your child’s healthcare issues alone. We provide resources and support for the entire family to keep your kids healthy. As tough patches arrive in the healthy development of your kids, we’ll be there.